3 samples of great packaging designs

We at mmonster studios are an innovative bunch. Always on the hunt and look out for whats different out there. A different idea, colorway, or just a different way to showcase a product in a quirky, functional and interesting ways. So, we’ve scoured the web and magazine libraries for what we felt were some of our favorites. The 3 we chose represents creativity, functionality and forward thinking. Aside from seeing something different, they sure are cool to look at.

Scanwood Kitchen Utensils:

Aside from being a really great product, they seemed to think of a great way to package these products. SIMPLE. No frills, and completely reinforces the products. If it’s so simple, then why the accolades you ask? As anyone in the industry can tell you, ‘simple’ is often the most difficult to produce. Weird right? Seriously, it’s hard.

Image from topdesignmag.com

Salt and Pepper Cell

Now this is cool.  The association of lithium in your food could be not-so-tasty to the consumers, the great creativity to take a D size battery and use that shape as salt-n-pepper shakers seems to trump the tastes buds at this point. It makes me want to add more salt even if dinner is salty enough!

Image courtesy of topdesign.com


Image courtesy of slodive.com


Awesome Japanese Banana Milk Carton (at least I think it’s milk)

Ok so I’m not really sure what the name of this product is. but c’mon, look at it. Does it REALLY need to be in English? Do I REALLY need to say more?  Straight up.  Awesome.

Image courtesy of ffffound.com


Thoughts? Comments?



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